Helping to improve music lending in the county

There are over 100 amateur music making organisations in the county which regularly borrows sets of music from the Norfolk Library Service. The cost is modest and allows them to perform a wide range of works that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Due to budget cuts, this service is in danger of being axed. This will have severe implications for amateur music making in the county, and would be a big blow to players, audiences and communities.

A major initiative has been launched to try to save the service. This is in two parts:

  • raising money to keep the service going for another year
  • looking at alternative ways that the service can be run, perhaps in conjunction with other county libraries.

It only needs £100 from every music group to achieve the first target.

The second target is to form a properly constituted but
independent Friends Group – hence this website, to keep you all informed. We will be exploring the current arrangement, investigate alternatives and make recommendations. We are very fortunate in that the County Music Library Service are wholeheartedly behind this venture and are willing to provide what help they can.